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Growing up in a rural setting in Africa, I viewed sunglasses like just another fashion accessory that would make one look cool and trendy once adorned.

I remember the first time I ever got to buy sunglasses for myself.

I had just gotten home for a school break from my first year of secondary School (High School), I had some left over pocket money and knew I wanted to get sunglasses so I would rock them and look cool like those movie stars I watched on TV, smh.So that's exactly what I did, got myself my first ever pair of sunglasses and from then I was hooked!

I would wear them practically every day because everyone thought I looked so good in them and lets face it, who doesn't like being told they look good, huh? I would be strutting down those dusty roads like no ones business. If it was in this time I would probably look like this.

Minus the setting ofcourse.

I would collect them whenever I got a chance to and had an organizer ( read cut out cardboard with holes to fit one handle of the sunglasses) for them that I would hang behind my bedroom door.Literally something like this, only difference mine was made out of cardboard.

Hanging Sunglasses Organizer With 25 Pocket Slots

Thank God nowadays you can easily get one of these effortlessly. I Like this one from Amazon, I like the fact that you can use it as a storage solution for your sunglasses, make up, watches or hair accessories at home or fold it and carry with you when you travel, very versatile and handy.

Multifunctional Sunglasses Storage and Travel Organizer With 5 Expansion Slots

If you have quite a big collection you might want to go with the amzdeal sunglasses display case, its multi functional too and can be used to store jewelry as well.

Over the years I have collected quite a number of sunglasses and passed my love for them to my sisters and kids. One person I have not had success in converting to my sunglasses addiction club unfortunately is my husband, no love lost there. Every time we go shopping am always looking for a pair and he would jokingly comment " Don't those one look exactly like the last pair you bought", most times I just laugh it off because sometimes he is right.

 For those sunglasses addicts like me, how do you store or carry around your precious collections? Would love to hear from you in the comments below. If you are in need of a new trendy pair of sunglasses check out our collection of women sunglasses or men sunglasses am sure you won't miss to find something to snug.